A Bride For Bastian

The courtyard bustled with activity and the air crackled in anticipation of the upcoming royal festivities. Villagers abounded, wearing their finest clothing. Scholars clustered arguing opinions. Jesters danced in abandonment and jousters readied horses, preparing for the tournament. Wild boars turned on spits and the scent of roasted meat wafted across the crowd and beyond, … Continue reading A Bride For Bastian

Henry Tingle’s Christmas Wish

The little mining town of Bellview, population 1,693, eventually got used to Henry Tingle. Since he was old enough to walk, stares followed him and whispers travelled quickly down sidewalks, passed through homes, and around stores aisles about his strangeness. Henry learned early how to pretend not to see or hear them. Still, he saw … Continue reading Henry Tingle’s Christmas Wish

There is strength in writing numbers.

So this is a thing, now. Saturday Scenes. It's a great private community on google plus... I am a new member of #SaturdayScenes. The group is private. BUT, all that is involved for anyone wanting to join is search #SaturdayScenes in the communities and ask to join. I was recently promoted to moderator in this community. … Continue reading There is strength in writing numbers.

Meet My Main Character (Plus Two Side Notes)

Unexplored Boundaries

Before I get into the main topic of this post:

So, 4th of July was a bust.  We got on the boat, and a minute into the boat ride, the battery died.  We had to have another boat bring us back.  The burgers were awful, and we didn’t get to see any fireworks.  I was very upset.

On Wednesday, Mom noticed a mama cat with four baby kittens.  Well, Mama (cat) left and the babies scattered.  We caught one, and we were going to bring it inside, but we decided to leave it for when Mama came back.  Well, she came back, but she left another baby.  So, we took that one inside.  It’s downstairs now, we don’t want Shasta to meet it (we don’t know how he’ll react).  If Mama comes back, we’ll let this one go.  But if she doesn’t, we might have another cat.

Ok, onto other…

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So, I’ve got this blog now…

A year ago, I joined Google Plus. I looked for my interests. I joined or asked to join some communities and watched as my stream filled with jokes, crochet patterns, craft tidbits, travel, foodie goodies, and...writing questions and advice. I taught myself through the google helpers about circles, plus +1ing, sharing, and re-sharing. It was … Continue reading So, I’ve got this blog now…

From Writers Discussion Group to SaturdayScenes to here:

Who'd have thought joining google+ and becoming a member John Ward's community WDG (Writers Discussion Group) would lead to another community of writers called Saturday Scenes? And that the weekly flash fiction exercises would lead to trying for a novel in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in 2013? I surprised myself and did it! 50,000 words … Continue reading From Writers Discussion Group to SaturdayScenes to here:

Meet My Main Character Blog Tour

I would like to take a moment to promote Weaver Grace in her “Meet My Main Character Blog Tour”. There are some fantastic links to many great writers and authors here. Being a newbie blogger with a very bare sidebars, I need to rectify this and get with the program. This is a great place to start, with Weaver Grace.

I am following Grace Buchanan’s blog for several reasons. I met her through google plus in the Writers Discussion Group. We both utilized the weekly flash fiction exercises offered there. I stories spoke to me and vice versa. I find, through her blog, to be a very kind, humane person; someone to follow and admire in her strengths and endeavors.

She asked invited me on her blog tour keeping it going. I said I would love to. Now I hope I can do my part and keep it going. I understand I will promote three more. I hope my technology impaired abilities are up to this. Ha!

Currently, her work in progress is a historical fiction. I particularly liked the genealogical digging she and her sister were excavating. What a worthwhile research! Such daily treasures, uncovering sentimental facts that not only helps your work in progress, but also pertains to specifically your past.

She also has a page on her craft, loom weaving, which also appeals to the crafty side of my nature. I find her weaving abilities to be just awesome, and admire anyone who can do crafts of old, bringing them back to life. That is just fascinating to me.

Grace Buchanan Audiobooks -- Let's Build Bridges Together -- renovating

Jo Robinson tagged me to continue a tradition of bloggers. Meet My Main Character Blog Toursresemble radio interviews: tune in now for answers to questions posed to me, and a week later for answers to the same questions posed to other authors. This tour asksthe authors of works-in-progressto answerquestions about the main characters of their historical fiction novels. Jo describes her main character as being part of other-worldly myths that she (her main character) doesn’t believe in.Jo features this character in herShadow People series.Shadow People: The Hunger coverJoand Iwrite similarly: our characters tell us their stories, and we merelytranslate them into a language that you can read.

And now, the questions and answers about my historical novel-in-progress:

  1. What is the name of your character? Is he/she fictional or a historic person?
    Polly is my grandmother’s grandmother, as I imagine her.
  2. When and where is the story set?
    Polly raised her…

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The Inspiration behind my story… The Walking Bridge

The photo above taken by my daughter, Kelli, who is a wonderful photographer, is the true inspiration behind this story. Her website is here She lives in southern Texas, and the real name of this walking bridge is The Chalk Ridge Falls Walking Bridge near Salado, Texas close to Austin, where she resides. I have linked a … Continue reading The Inspiration behind my story… The Walking Bridge

Would you like to “supersize” that order, ma’am?

Welp, it's official.  I am now a blogger.  It is kind of liberating, but overwhelming as well.  Do I want to add this widget or that widget?  Huh?  I am still trying to figure out my profile and adding links! Well, the old adage' give me an "E" for effort' will apply here for sure! So, … Continue reading Would you like to “supersize” that order, ma’am?