Books vs. Nooks?

My husband and I were having a discussion about a segment on the local news last night.  A local school was doing away with books and furnishing ipads as a “much more cost effective and expanded learning option”.  Hmm…

Don’t get me wrong, I love my ipad, iphone, laptop and the ease of which they have made life. And I’m certainly not bashing nooks, kindles, or any other device.  I am just looping them all together in this blog in the title.  But as a die hard babyboomer, I can’t help but think of the literary work by Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451 (of which I was made to read in high school when there was only the BOOK to read).  All of you remember it, I’m sure.  451 is temperature of which paper catches fire, and the complete annihilation of books by a fictional dystopian government.

The change on google plus today created a multitude of pro/con comments.  And I don’t remember the executives of google plus taking a worldwide poll asking anyone about the change.  They just did it.  Well, of course they did.  It’s their right as legal owners to do so.


What if, through no ones fault, the cyberworld as we know it, should shut down?  Rendered helpless say by the environment in some way like an ozone issue, allowing all kinds of sun thingies through the atmosphere?  Or a meteor crash.  Or a breakdown in the harmful’ radiation waves’. I know, I know, my mind tends to lean to the fantastical!  I’m not a scientist, obviously, but you know what I mean.  A complete meltdown/shutdown of communication, learning, banking, you name it would come to a stand still.  We would be handcuffed by our own technology.

Which brings me back to the discussion my husband and I had of no more books in school.  Is it just me, or does this seems horribly wrong?  What happened to the smell of the books in the library, the feel of the pages being turned, the reading of the written word of an amazing author creating important imagery for the mind in storytelling?  The sensory connection while physically turning a page, smelling the oldness or newness of paper instead of tapping an LCD screen seems incomparable.  Especially since, a book can remain in your possession until YOU decide to throw it out, or give it away, or dispose of it, not someone else’s decision to.

We take tapping the ‘save button’ for granted and we really have no say over it or not do we?  One day a few month’s ago, my iphone which was 3 years old at the time, just completely shut itself down, off, blacked out, nada, zilch, no mas.  I took it in and the company I bought it through were stumped as well. Of course I could send it off and pay boo-koos of moolah to have it restored, and even then wasn’t guaranteed to be 100% restored.  There was no amount of hooking it up and charging it for days to bring it back to life, it was dead.  I ended up upgrading, of course.

I would have been blued, screwed, and tattooed had it not been for my ipad and the icloud. My hundreds of pictures, and books, and music, and contact data would have been nevermore except that technology did save the day for me.

But, just what if one day we, as in the whole world, all wake up to black screens instead of just changed ones? [insert the twilight zone’s do doo do doo]…

Just my thoughts for the day.


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