So, I’ve got this blog now…

A year ago, I joined Google Plus. I looked for my interests. I joined or asked to join some communities and watched as my stream filled with jokes, crochet patterns, craft tidbits, travel, foodie goodies, and...writing questions and advice. I taught myself through the google helpers about circles, plus +1ing, sharing, and re-sharing. It was … Continue reading So, I’ve got this blog now…


My Super Fantastic Awesome Week

Okay, so I'm having a super fantastic wonderful time babysitting my super fantastic awesome Austin Grandsons (ages 3,6,8) for a week. ┬áNaturally, I came prepared and armed with my laptop (for me), my ipad pre-loaded with star wars angry bird app, the avengers app, and the Farfaria children's book app for them to play with … Continue reading My Super Fantastic Awesome Week

Would you like to “supersize” that order, ma’am?

Welp, it's official.  I am now a blogger.  It is kind of liberating, but overwhelming as well.  Do I want to add this widget or that widget?  Huh?  I am still trying to figure out my profile and adding links! Well, the old adage' give me an "E" for effort' will apply here for sure! So, … Continue reading Would you like to “supersize” that order, ma’am?