A Bride For Bastian

The courtyard bustled with activity and the air crackled in anticipation of the upcoming royal festivities. Villagers abounded, wearing their finest clothing. Scholars clustered arguing opinions. Jesters danced in abandonment and jousters readied horses, preparing for the tournament. Wild boars turned on spits and the scent of roasted meat wafted across the crowd and beyond, … Continue reading A Bride For Bastian

UnSevered Twine

Photo credit: The Old Owl Woman by Hilary Luetkemeyer, as hibbary on Deviant Art. Warning note: possible trigger content in some of the story. The UnSevered Twine The sun rose, bright and beckoning in the cloudless sky, and the old woman was more than ready; she'd rested well, ate a decent supper the night before, … Continue reading UnSevered Twine

The Last Parade

Photo credit, Poison, by Victoria Frances. Here's another short story using this picture prompt. I wrote for #WordingWednesdays, the online writing group on MeWe, I call it The Last Parade. "Don’t you think a black cat is a bit too--stereotypical?” Sidney asked, raising his eyebrows high. “Why not a dog, or better yet, a robot … Continue reading The Last Parade

Old Lady of the Loom

Halloween was this past Wednesday. So, for #WordingWednesdays in my online writing group on MeWe,we used this picture prompt. It is a tapestry titled The Unicorn in Captivity, at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Here is my short story, written with Halloween in mind. Old Lady of the Loom “But, Papa, I want a real … Continue reading Old Lady of the Loom

Unchosen Pumpkins

Mona Finch placed another pie in the showcase cabinet taking care to arrange each just right for customer presentation. The fruit and cream pies sold year around, but from September through December, more pumpkin pies sold than the rest of the year combined. She loved pumpkin above all other pies. Her pumpkin pies had always … Continue reading Unchosen Pumpkins

The Beauty and the Oddities

The sun’s warm reappearance was anti-climactic in it’s promise of comfort and security as it peeked over the horizon. Fingerlike rays danced bashfully around the clouds reflected the expanse of the turquoise water as far as the eye could see. It was as if the sun knew about the horrific damage done in it’s absence. … Continue reading The Beauty and the Oddities

Henry Tingle’s Christmas Wish

The little mining town of Bellview, population 1,693, eventually got used to Henry Tingle. Since he was old enough to walk, stares followed him and whispers travelled quickly down sidewalks, passed through homes, and around stores aisles about his strangeness. Henry learned early how to pretend not to see or hear them. Still, he saw … Continue reading Henry Tingle’s Christmas Wish