In The Name Of Science

The day begins as any other day—wake up, hit the alarm, wander blindly into the bathroom, shower, brush out wet hair, blow it dry and twist the pale length into a long braid. The clothes are the same everyday, too—a loose pink top and matching pants. The slinky material is not my favorite by any … Continue reading In The Name Of Science

The Last Parade

Photo credit, Poison, by Victoria Frances. Here's another short story using this picture prompt. I wrote for #WordingWednesdays, the online writing group on MeWe, I call it The Last Parade. "Don’t you think a black cat is a bit too--stereotypical?” Sidney asked, raising his eyebrows high. “Why not a dog, or better yet, a robot … Continue reading The Last Parade

Henry Tingle’s Christmas Wish

The little mining town of Bellview, population 1,693, eventually got used to Henry Tingle. Since he was old enough to walk, stares followed him and whispers travelled quickly down sidewalks, passed through homes, and around stores aisles about his strangeness. Henry learned early how to pretend not to see or hear them. Still, he saw … Continue reading Henry Tingle’s Christmas Wish