Dear Google Plus,

It’s with a heavy heart, that after six years of what I thought was a fulfilling relationship between us, I have to write this letter. I confess, I took you for granted. I thought you would be around forever. But, I still feel betrayed. I invested  — like  millions of others — my blood, sweat, and tears in you. I plussed, I shared, I joined communities, I created my own collections, I did ALL the things you asked, so why oh why, are you leaving me?

And what you did not guarantee, I did that too. I made friends. Writer friends, reading friends, cat friends, funny meme friends, crafty friends, crochet friends, newsy friends, humane friends, blogger friends.  And people seemed to liked me too, thousands had me circled.

And I learned things through you. Funny things, writerly things, political things, foody things, cat things, ranty things, green things, healthy things, creepy things, computers things and even things I did not want to learn.  I learned what HIRL meant. ‘Hangout In Real Life’ is such a small thing, but a good example of even the most minute thing I learned from amazing people I now call friends.

Now, it is up to me to work extra hard to export years of content. It’s up to me to find another younger, more handsome social platform. How am I to do that when you have left me in pieces; my circles are a mess, there are lost notifications, lost posts, lost people … I am broken. I will never find another you. Farewell, old friend.

Tearfully signed,

Me — the one you let get away.

P.S. Should you change your mind you can contact me here on MeWe.

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