Would you like to “supersize” that order, ma’am?

Welp, it’s official.  I am now a blogger.  It is kind of liberating, but overwhelming as well.  Do I want to add this widget or that widget?  Huh?  I am still trying to figure out my profile and adding links!

Well, the old adage’ give me an “E” for effort’ will apply here for sure!

So, I’m just wondering, is more gadgets, I mean widgets necessarily better?  Is MORE always better?  I suppose it is if you are really well schooled in the ever-changing world of newest and greatest high technology, which I am clearly not.

So at the moment, it feels a little like I have gorged on a ‘real meal deal’, and asked to have it super-sized!  I will have to put myself on a strict diet the rest of the week just for a fifteen minute slice of ‘preservative’ heaven/hell.

I think I will start out small with the widget thing, then go from there as my understanding of this weird wonderful cyber world becomes more familiar to me.

Maybe I should pick up “Blogging for Dummies” when I pick up “Social Media for Dummies”, “Windows 8 for Dummies” and “So-you-think-you-can-Write for Dummies”…

Sighing… tomorrow is another day.

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